Roof Cleaning is a necessity in prolonging the life span of your roof.
Cleaning your roof should be done every couple of years to keep your roof maintained and looking fresh.

It’s vital you get your roof cleaned if you want it to last, as not only does it protect your roof from structural damage (caused by moss, algae, and lichen), it also prevents blockages in your drainage system.

If left untouched this could cause leaks and water damage from the build-up of moss and debris.

We have a few ways we can clean your roof for example using soft washing methods or pressure washing methods but this all depends on what material your roof is made out of for example a metal roof we would use a pressure washer because soft washing could cause corrosion. we also have specialist roof cleaning equipment called sky scraper what which is used for is to scrape of moss without causing damage after the moss is scraped we will soft wash the roof using a dosatron injector to apply the chemical this is a specialist machine that will mix soft washing chemicals with water this machine is important because most people create there own mix and this can lead to a bad finish because the too little chemical is used or to many chemicals is used which could course damage are machine removes human error and gives you a perfect job every time.

If access is an issue not to worry; as we have the capability to use various cherry pickers, so be sure to give us an email or a call for any enquiries and we are happy here to help.


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